Episode 27

Star Technology Explained

Many terms get thrown around Star’s solutions like AOA, CloudPRNT, StarPRNT SDK, and StarXpand, but what do they mean? In this episode of the Rising Stars Podcast, join host Brianna Moriarty and returning guest Jon Levin, Director of Product Management at Star Micronics, as they dive into the innovative technologies that make Star’s solutions so unique. Together, Brianna and Jon talk about Star Micronics Cloud Services, its upgrades, and how they’re invaluable to both ISVs and business owners. Jon explains popular services like PromoPRNT and Device Monitor API and gets more into StarXpand for React Native. They also talk about Star’s integration support for ISVs and how it sets the company apart. Enjoy the show!

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To learn more about Star's technologies please email integrations@starmicronics.com.

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