Episode 41

Leading Retail into the AI Era with Celerant Technology

Join host Kate Orara as she opens the book on the world of AI in retail with Michele Salerno and Zeke Hamdani from Celerant Technology. Explore how Celerant stays ahead of the curve, offering innovative AI solutions that redefine the retail experience across various verticals.

Celerant's AI software not only streamlines content creation and SEO for retailers who may not know all the tricks, but it incorporates machine learning into the back end as well for an overall smarter POS system. It can even be tailored to speak in the unique voices of their clients—just one example of how the retail technology company has kept many of its customers for over a decade. Listeners will also learn how Celerant executes such rapid responses to quickly emerging retail trends.

Whether you're wary of new technology or eager to lead the pack, this conversation on AI's expansive role in Celerant's software will inspire you to embrace innovation to stay competitive and cater effectively to your customers as well.

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